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Ergohuman Chair ME7ERG - High Back with Headrest and Mesh

69.00 LBS

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Ergohuman Chair ME7ERG - High Back with Headrest and Mesh

The popular ME7ERG Chair combines a strong set of ergonomic features with a high back and headrest. The Ergohuman ME7ERG Chairs offer a stylish, contemporary profile that's designed for extraordinary long-term comfort. This innovative ergonomic chair also features excellent full-body support and easy adjustability at a desirable price-point. Designed for all-day use and versatility, the ME7ERG Chair allows a wide range of users to easily fit the chair back, arms, and seat to his or her needs.

The ME7ERG Chair will benefit individuals seeking an easy-to-adjust ergonomic seating option that provides constant lumbar support in addition to user-friendly features, allowing for simple adjustments and ease of movement.

Mesh Options:



  • ME7ERG Chair is a high back model in a black frame with a your color choice of mesh seat, back and headrest
  • Back angle adjustment with 3 position tilt-lock adjusts easily - lock the chair back into place in one of three positions, or simply use the tension control adjustment to control the amount of force to recline or sit up straight
  • Pneumatic cylinder raises and lowers chair quickly
  • Back, seat cushion, and headrest all adjust to fit an array of users and accommodate their individual needs
  • Contoured, height adjustable lumbar support provides long-term comfort
  • Synchro-tilt mechanism and seat depth adjustment ensure users sit correctly and get the support they need, whether sitting upright or reclining
  • Height adjustable, pivoting armrests work with a variety of seated postures and tasks       


Lifetime Warranty:

Every ME7ERG Chair is backed up by a warranty that covers all working parts for the lifetime of the product. Only purchase your Ergohuman from an Authorized Raynor Dealer. This will ensure you receive full Raynor Warranty support.


Standard models usually ship within 1 business day from factory warehouses in California and Maryland, as well as The Human Solution office in Austin, Texas.

Raynor ME7ERG Chair Technical Specifications:

Overall dimensions 26.5" x 29" x 46-52" (W x D x H)
Seat height 18.5" (at lowest point) ; 22.2" (at highest point)
Seat dimensions 20.5" x 18.5" (W x D)
Back dimensions 20.5" x 28" (W x H)
Weight limit 250 lbs
Box size 33" H x 21" W x 26" D
Weight 66 lbs

Find the best solution for you by exploring the six different Ergohuman models, each offering the exceptional ergonomic features and sleek style users expect from a high-end office chair:

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  1. Great chair: 1 week in

    Posted by Dusty

    This is the best office chair I've ever sat in, but it's not perfect. I'm 6'2" and ~175 lbs, and now I'm not constantly uncomfortable/moving around. The support is good and it even looks nice. It was always a pain to sit in these tiny "one-fits-all" chairs. The pivoting lower back support is great, and my shoulders actually have support as well. The packaging for the chair was terrible, but it arrived with only minor scratches on the chrome base. (Cosmetics...meh)

    Are there things that could be improved? Yes - a lot of small things. (Just another notch higher for the back, 3 notches higher for the neck support, tilting chair base w/ recline, arms that lock, etc.) However, I came into this realizing nothing would be perfect. If they made a "tall" model, this chair would get 5 stars. Also, I suspect the leather seat has much more padding, but my butt hasn't had any issues yet (as others have mentioned in their reviews). I've only had it for 1 week, but I am glad I bought it so far. (Even though it was ~$600...which I never thought I'd do.)

    Long story short - would I buy it again? Yes. I spent a LOT of time searching the internet for a good chair, and this is the best I could come up with. While not perfect, I am happy. :)

  2. Not for me

    Posted by Unknown

    I'm a slender 6'1, 160 lb guy. If your body shape is not like mine, you may have a completely different experience. Sitting in the chair for several hours made my legs and butt extremely uncomfortable. It's just not enough padding for me. The lumbar support also began to bother me after a while. The armrests, while very flexible, have no locking mechanism for horizontal or upward movement. It requires almost no force to move them out of place, which was a frequent source of aggravation. The headrest is partly adjustable, but you can't push it forward, so unless you really lean your head back, you're probably not going to benefit from it much.

    To put it simply, I think this is the skeleton of a really good chair. The controls that are present all work nicely. The chair did not make noise and the materials all seemed sturdy. It just needs a few more options for adjustment. If you prefer a more padded seat, I suspect the leather version would be more comfortable.

    Customer support was easy to deal with, but good luck packing up your chair in its original box. I recommend you record yourself as you take it out just so you can see how it all fits inside.

  3. Not tall enough

    Posted by Unknown

    Very high quality chair, but @ 6'4", it falls several inches too short for me with head and backrest. I'm broad-shouldered as well, and it would have been nice if they made the arm-width adjustable...they're a bit narrow as-is.

    Customer service was great- fast shipping, good notifications, easy to reach via phone. Unfortunately, with shipping and restocking charges, I'm out $200 just to find it's not really designed for people my size.

  4. Great chair

    Posted by Nick V

    Very comfortable.

  5. Love it so much I bought another for my mom!

    Posted by Amy L.

    I am an editor and was on a very intense schedule for months, working while sitting on my wooden dining room chair. I didn't really want a big computer chair because I don't like my house to look like a working environment. I was resistant, but SO glad I bought this chair! I was able to get it in a color that looked good in my dining room, where I'm working. Before I got it I was on an active search for a chiropractor (mine retired!) but after a week of working long hours sitting on this chair, I didn't need to go. It was recommended to me by a fellow filmmaker, (being independent, neither of us are the type to make a splurge like this!) and I liked it so much I got one for my mom (copper!) and she loves it too! I assembled both of these myself and it was quick and easy. The only quibble is the assembly directions aren't very informative, but I found a youtube tutorial that was very helpful. Thanks for making such a great product!

  6. Longtime Owner

    Posted by Dobbie Velosky

    I purchased my ME7ERG 10 years ago in 2006 when the Herman Miller Aeron was all the rage and I wanted one badly. I was in a store where they had both the Aeron and the Ergohuman on the sales floor. The ME7ERG was considerably less expensive (under $600.00) than the lesser equipped Aeron (over $700.00) and the styling definitely caught my eye. The salesman warned me not to sit in the Ergohuman unless I was prepared to buy it. He was right.

    It's been 10 years now and the chair looks and sits just as great as it did in 2006. All the mesh is completely intact, nothing is broken, and all the components adjusts like they did when new. The telling factor, I'm over 200 lbs. and the seat height still holds where it is set, no slowly sinking to the bottom.

    Are they expensive, somewhat. Are they cheap, no way. How many $169.00 office chairs have you owned? If comfort and ROI are your deals, then the Eurotech Ergohuman is your chair.

  7. The best chair I have ever sat in...

    Posted by Jim S

    This is by far the best chair I have ever sat in. This chair offers support exactly where it is needed, and honestly took my body a couple days to get used to. It is obvious, using this chair, I had bad posture when sitting in my old office chair. Assembly was simple and easy. It took a couple of days playing with the seat and back adjustments to get it perfect, but now it is the only seat I use in my house. I have had back problems for over a decade, and using this chair I no longer feel fatigue or have back pain from sitting for long periods of time. Another thing of note is that I also had a bad habit of pushing myself up using the arm rests of my old office chair. With the arm rest of this chair fully extended I performed the same maneuver I had for years, and popped one of the arm rests cushions off. It snapped back on no problem and functions normally. This was absolutely my fault, had I not had the arm rest fully extended then I would have been pushing down on the cushion while being supported by the post and not hanging off the end, thusly this does not impact the rating of the chair. It feels solid and sturdy. I took 4 months to finally pull the trigger and buy this, I would buy it again without consideration. By far one of the best purchases I have made in a very long time.

  8. Excellent build quality, but poor lumbar design

    Posted by Nic B

    First let me say that this chair is of excellent quality. Everything is top notch. I come from a manufacturing background, and I'm very impressed.
    With this said, the design of the lumbar support leaves much to be desired. There is a horizontal plastic piece that digs right into my spine! I've tried adjusting everything possible, but no luck. I find myself a bit frustrated that I have to make my own modifications to a brand new product that I paid top dollar for. Hopefully this will be fixed in future models.

  9. Yep, it really did it!

    Posted by Happy Camper

    I was looking for a chair I could sit in at work all day without back pain. Well, this is it. I wish the neck support was a little more adjustable, but I still love it. Perfect for that all important power nap, too.

  10. Very comfortable chair so far

    Posted by Unknown

    I've had this chair for about two weeks. I'm 6'3" and I find this chair to be very comfortable and adjustable for someone my height. The adjustable armrests allow me to sit closer to my desk and actually use the armrests for support. The chair is very well designed and feels solid. I hope to be able to say the same thing years from now.

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