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Ergo Elite Chair


The Raynor Eurotech Ergo Elite offers up a new version of one of the most popular office chairs on the ergonomic market, the Ergohuman Chair. The fully updated Ergo Elite Chairs offer all of the same ergonomic features of the original Ergohuman Chair, with some updates to make it even more adjustable.

The chair’s improved, progressive design offers easier adjustability and more personalization options, including:

  • Advanced infinite tilt-lock lets users select whether to sit up straight or recline at any level.
  • New 8-way armrests are height and width adjustable, pivot and slide forward and back.

Most importantly, the Ergo Elite Chair features a synchro-tilt mechanism with armrests attached to the back, not the seat. This means that as one reclines, the arms go with them. This is a big difference between this newer model and the original Ergohuman design.

Other differences between the new Ergo Elite Chair and the classic Ergohuman are:

  • The Ergohuman is available in various mesh, leather and fabric combinations, while the Ergo Elite only comes in mesh.
  • The 8-way armrests on the Ergo Elite are width-adjustable, while the Ergohuman lacks that feature.

For most users, the original Ergohuman will more than meet their needs. But for an extra ergonomic edge, consider this option from Eurotech. Check out the review of the Ergo Elite Chair below!