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Adjust Your Ergohuman Chair

Headrest Height - Raynor Ergohuman Chair

1ergohuman-headrest-angleadj.gifThe headrest is available on the Ergohuman ME7ERG, LE9ERG and CU9ERG models only; the range of adjustment is about 4".

To adjust your headrest, hold both sides of the headrest and slide it up or down until it sits where you want it to. Afterward you can also adjust the angle of the headrest.



Headrest Angle - Raynor Ergohuman Chair

2ergohuman-headrest-heightadj.gifThe headrest is available on the ME7ERG, LE9ERG and CU9ERG models only.

Using your hands on both sides of the headrest, roll the headrest up or down until you have it where you want it.



Backrest Height
- Raynor Ergohuman Chair

3ergohuman-backrestadj.gifThere are four back height levels on the Raynor Ergohuman Chair.  At the proper height, the back offers optimal lumbar support and allows room for your shoulders to roll back comfortably.

To adjust the backrest height, release both clips on the silver frame and slide the backrest up or down.


Tilt Lock
- Raynor Ergohuman Chair

4ergohuman-syncrotilt.gifSynchro-tilt changes the seat angle along with the back angle when you recline, so you don’t have to make any adjustments here. However, there are different tilt positions you can lock your chair in; otherwise, leaving the tilt lock open lets you rock back and forth. If you are the type of user who prefers not to lock your chair in a specific angle, you can tighten or loosen the tilt tension to better support you when sitting upright or when reclining.

The lever for this adjustment is just below the seat pan on the left side. Push this lever forward to allow the chair to recline freely, or push the lever back to lock the tilt. 

Tilt Tension - Raynor Ergohuman Chair

5ergohuman-titltention.gifThe knob on your right side of your Ergohuman chair lets you change the tension of the tilt mechanism so that it rocks back comfortably and allows you to sit up easily as well.

Turn the knob to loosen or tighten the tilt tension. 



Armrest Height - Raynor Ergohuman Chair

6ergohuman-armrestheight.gifThe height of your armrests adjusts easily via a ratcheting mechanism.

Simply lift the arm and release it when it's at the height you need. To lower the arms, raise them as high as they'll go to reset the height adjustment.



Armrest Pivot - Raynor Ergohuman Chair

7ergohuman-armrest-pivot.gifIt's not uncommon to want to change the pivot angle of your armrest as your work needs change during the day. Armpads on the Ergohuman Chair will adjust for a total of 16° of overall adjustability.

To adjust, simply grab the front of the armpads with your hands and move them inward or outward, and forward or back.


Seat Height - Raynor Ergohuman Chair

8ergohuman-seat.gifIdeal positioning requires that your feet rest comfortably, flat on the floor.

To raise or lower your seat, reach underneath the right-front of your seat pan to locate the seat height adjustment lever. Pull back on the lever while still applying your body weight to the seat to lower it into position.

To raise it up, remove your body weight from the chair while holding the lever.


Seat Depth - Raynor Ergohuman Chair

9ergohuman-seatdepth.gifCorrect ergonomic posture places the front of the seat pan comfortably behind your knees with your back resting securely on the backrest, and the back of your legs not touching the seat.

Reach underneath the right of your seat pan to locate the seat depth adjustment lever. Pull back on this lever, releasing the seat pan lock to slide the seat freely forward and backward. Lock the seat back in place when you find the correct seat depth.